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Table 1 Description of 9 Morphologic criteria

From: Automated prostate tissue referencing for cancer detection and diagnosis

Criteria Description Score
0 1 2 3
Gland crowding Gland tightness and cohesiveness N/A Sparse Moderate Very tight
Gland roundness Roundness of external perimeter of gland N/A Very round Moderate Serrated contours or spindle shaped contours
Stromal reaction Swollen, plump cells in stroma and splayed collagen fibers N/A No reaction Little -
Nuclear grade Prominent nucleoli, variation in nuclear diameter and amount of chromatin N/A Normal Some prominent nucleoli, moderate variation Many prominent nucleoli, large variation
Clefts Cleft formation or retraction artifact around cancer glands N/A <30 % ≥30 % -
Lumen/gland ratio Ratio between lumen area and total gland area N/A Wide lumen Moderate lumen Tiny lumen
Gland continuity Continuous sheets of cells N/A <30 % ≥30 % -
Cell separation Individual cells separated by stroma N/A <10 % ≥10 % -
Gleason Score Predominant and secondary Gleason score 6 – 10a
  1. aGleason score is the sum of predominant and secondary scores. In our set, it ranges from 6 to 10