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Fig. 7

From: A De-Novo Genome Analysis Pipeline (DeNoGAP) for large-scale comparative prokaryotic genomics studies

Fig. 7

Performance evaluation of the iterative clustering method implemented in the DeNoGAP as compared to reciprocal blast based approach implemented in the OrthoMCL using 140 prokaryotic genomes. Clustering with OrthoMCL was restricted to 32 genomes due to drastic increase in computation time. Each data point on the y-axis represents computation time for the addition of one new genome to an existing dataset. Time-scale of iterative homolog clustering using a OrthoMCL or b DeNoGAP. Computation time for each iteratively added genome in OrthoMCL increases quadratically with the number of genomes, while computation time for iterative clustering using DeNoGAP increases linearly even after analysis of hundreds of genomes

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