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Fig. 2

From: Additive methods for genomic signatures

Fig. 2

Each subfigure summarizes, for a given kingdom, the results of pairwise comparisons between DNA signatures of fragments from a pivot organism (blue) and those from one other organism, at increasing levels of relatedness. The first two result columns indicate the outcome of the comparisons of conventional nDNA signatures, and the last two columns the comparisons of composite DNA signatures. Green indicates that separation was achieved with AID, red indicates that separation was not achieved with any of the six distances listed in Section “Results”, and yellow (Y/N) or Y* indicate results discussed in the text. The columns labelled Acc % indicate the accuracy of the separations listed immediately at their left: A c c>85 % was considered separation. A dash indicates that no sequenced data was available on NCBI/GenBank at the time of this submission. The corresponding 3D Molecular Distance Maps for each of the comparisons can be found in [58]

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