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Table 2 Assembled nDNA signatures: sequence coverage (amount of DNA fragment information) needed for separation of the assembled nDNA signatures of the pivot organism from assembled nDNA signatures of the comparison organism, for all major kingdoms of life. Separations were confirmed by verifying the existence of separating planes

From: Additive methods for genomic signatures

H.s a p i e n svs. Different taxon Thresh.
D.m e l a n o g a s t e r Phylum: Arthropoda 1 –5 %
G.g a l l u s Class: Aves 3 –10 %
M.m u s c u l u s Order: Rodentia 10 –20 %
M.m u r i n u s Suborder: Strepsirrhini 60 –80 %
T.s y r i c h t a Infraorder: Tarsiiformes 20 –40 %
S.c e r e v i s i a e vs. Different taxon Thresh.
C.g a t t i i Phylum: Basidiomycota 0.5 –2 %
F.o x y s p o r u m Class: Sordariomycetes 0.5 –2 %
K.p a s t o r i s Family: Phaffomycetaceae 2 –10 %
C.d u b l i n i e n s i s Genus: C a n d i d a 2 –10 %
B.n a p u svs. Different taxon Thresh.
M.p u s i l l a Phylum: Chlorophyta 2 –3 %
P.p a t e n s Unranked: Bryophyta 3 –4 %
M.d o m e s t i c a Unranked: Fabids 4 –5 %
C.p a p a y a Family: Caricaceae 4 –5 %
P.f a l c i p a r u m vs. Different taxon Thresh.
O.t r i f a l l a x Phylum: Ciliophora 0.5 –2 %
T.g o n d i i Class: Conoidasida 0.5 –2 %
T.o r i e n t a l i s Order: Piroplasmida 0.5 –2 %
P.v i v a x Species: P.v i v a x 0.5 –2 %
E.c o l i vs. Different taxon Thresh.
S.a u r e u s Phylum: Firmicutes 0.5 –2 %
H.p y l o r i Class: Epsilonproteobact. 0.5 –2 %
A.b a u m a n n i i Order: Pseudomonadales 0.5 –2 %
S.e n t e r i c a Genus: Salmonella 10 –20 %
P.f u r i o s u s vs. Different taxon Thresh.
S.i s l a n d i c u s Phylum: Crenarchaeota 0.5 –2 %
M.s m i t h i i Class: Methanobacteria 0.5 –2 %
Thermococcus Genus: Thermococcus 0.5 –2 %
P.y a y a n o s i i Species: P.y a y a n o s i i 0.5 –2 %