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Table 1 Parameters used for cel and hsa miRNA-target predictions

From: MiRNATIP: a SOM-based miRNA-target interactions predictor

MiRNATIP parameters
Species SOM training Tail filtering Free-energy filtering
  Map size α max α min offset distance threshold score threshold
C. elegans 30 ×30 0.95 0.1 3 0.7 –6 kcal/mol
Homo sapiens 65 ×65 0.85 0.1 3 0.7 –7 kcal/mol
  1. The first column reports the species, the next three columns contain parameters for SOM training (section “SOM training”). Forth and fifth columns report parameters for miRNA tail filtering process (section “Tail filtering”). Finally, the last column shows the free-energy threshold score (section “Free-energy filtering”)