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Table 6 Data set STRING-CORE (homo sapiens). Functionally enriched clusters found with min size 8 and filtering policy 1

From: Protein complex prediction for large protein protein interaction networks with the Core&Peel method

GO annotation Type GO id Clust. size Inters. Class size Hyp. p-value
mRNA splicing, via spliceosome BP GO:0000398 91 90 183 8.23E–191
G2/M transition of mitotic cell cycle BP GO:0000086 52 52 121 5.62E–120
Mitotic cell cycle BP GO:0000278 68 68 384 6.24E–118
G-protein coupled receptor signaling pathway BP GO:0007186 126 97 918 1.16E–101
Type I interferon signaling pathway BP GO:0060337 33 33 65 4.48E–86
O-glycan processing BP GO:0016266 30 30 55 7.44E–81
Platelet degranulation BP GO:0002576 32 32 82 4.14E–79
Interferon-gamma-mediated signaling pathway BP GO:0060333 30 30 70 1.33E–76
Extracellular matrix organization BP GO:0030198 40 40 272 2.26E–75
Transferrin transport BP GO:0033572 24 24 32 2.40E–72
  1. We report the top ten clusters by hypergeometric p-value. Each row reports: the GO annotation class, GO class type (BP=Biological Process), the GO id, the size of the cluster, the size of the intersection, the size of the functional class, and the hypergeometric p-value