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Table 1 Example of mapping results with multireads

From: A fuzzy method for RNA-Seq differential expression analysis in presence of multireads

Read ID Reference ID Identity Coverage
read-1 gene-1 100 100
read-2 gene-1 100 100
read-2 gene-2 99 80
read-2 gene-3 95 80
read-3 gene-1 100 100
read-3 gene-2 100 100
read-4 gene-1 96 90
read-4 gene-2 97 90
read-4 gene-3 100 100
read-5 gene-1 95 80
read-5 gene-2 100 100
  1. For gene-1: one uniquely mapping read (read-1); two reads having only gene-1 as best match (read-1, read-2); three reads having gene-1 as best match (read-1, read-2, read-3, the latter having also gene-2 as best match); five reads mapping on gene-1, even if not as best match (from read-1 to read-5)