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Table 1 Correlation structure for simulation study 1

From: Tilting the lasso by knowledge-based post-processing

Covariates in true model Biologically relevant variables Correlation
x 1,x 2,x 3,x 4,x 5 x 21,x 22,…,x 30 ρ=0.55
x 6,x 7,x 8,x 9,x 10 x 31,x 32,…,x 40 ρ=0.6
x 11,x 12,x 13,x 14,x 15 x 41,x 42,…,x 50 ρ=0.65
x 16,x 17,x 18,x 19,x 20 x 51,x 52,…,x 60 ρ=0.7