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Table 3 GO term enrichments for TS-MDS proteins and HK-MDS proteins

From: Comparative analysis of housekeeping and tissue-specific driver nodes in human protein interaction networks

Domains GO terms p-value GO terms p-value
BP Cell-cell signaling 3.7E-05 Regulation of apoptosis 2.4E-18
  Circulatory system process 4.8E-04 Regulation of programmed cell death 5.0E-18
  Blood circulation 4.8E-04 Regulation of cell death 6.5E-18
  Neuron projection development 6.5E-04 Protein transport 2.6E-17
  Cell motion 8.2E-04 Protein modification by small protein conjugation 2.9E-17
CC Plasma membrane part 2.9E-04 Cytosol 1.4E-44
  Synapse 1.1E-03 Nuclear lumen 1.8E-40
  Cell junction 1.3E-03 Organelle lumen 4.0E-38
  Intrinsic to plasma membrane 2.6E-03 Membrane-enclosed lumen 3.0E-37
  Integral to plasma membrane 5.0E-03 Intracellular organelle lumen 1.1E-36
MF Sequence-specific DNA binding 5.1E-04 Transcription factor binding 1.7E-21
  Transcription activator activity 3.3E-03 Identical protein binding 2.8E-20
  Enzyme inhibitor activity 3.8E-03 Enzyme binding 2.2E-15
  Transcription coactivator activity 5.1E-03 Small conjugating protein ligase activity 4.3E-14
  Transcription factor activity 1.2E-02 Protein C-terminus binding 1.1E-12