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Table 1 Differences in gene interactions between original and trained Bonzanni and Krumsiek models

From: BTR: training asynchronous Boolean models using single-cell expression data

Models Gene interactions Suggested modifications to original model
Bonzanni Gata2 and Hhex inhibits Gata2 Deletion
Scl and Gata2 activates Scl Deletion
Fli1 and Gata2 activates Scl Deletion
Gata2 and Scl activates Fli1 Deletion
Fli1 activates Runx1 Deletion
Fli1 activates Erg Deletion
Erg activates Erg Deletion
Gata1 and Fog1 inhibits Gata2 Deletion
Sfpi1 and Gata1 inhibits Gata1 Deletion
Sfpi1 activates Sfpi1 Deletion
Sfpi1 and Erg activates Sfpi1 Addition
Hhex and Runx1 inhibits Gata2 Addition
Eto2 and Hhex inhibits Gata2 Addition
Sfpi1 activates Hhex Addition
Gata1 inhibits Gata2 Addition
Fog1 inhibits Smad6 Addition
Fog1 inhibits Fli1 Addition
Eto2 activates Gata1 Addition
Eto2 activates Fog1 Addition
Hhex inhibits Gata1 Addition
Hhex activates Eto2 Addition
Hhex inhibits Erg Addition
Fli1 inhibits Runx1 Addition
Krumsiek Cebpa activates Gfi1 Deletion
Gata2 inhibits Sfpi1 Deletion
Sfpi1 inhibits Gata2 Deletion
Gfi1 activates Fli1 Activation
Cebpa activates Fli1 Activation
Fli1 and Gata2 inhibits Sfpi1 Activation
Fli1 and Sfpi1 inhibits Gata2 Activation
Cebpa inhibits Gata1 Activation
EgrNab activates Ldb1 Activation
cJun activates Ldb1 Activation
Ldb1 inhibits Gata1 Activation
Gata2 activates Ldb1 Activation
Ldb1 activates Lmo2 Activation
Ldb1 and Gata2 activates Lmo2 Activation
Lmo2 inhibits Gata1 Activation
  1. Other gene interactions that were not modified are not listed in this table. Each gene interaction corresponds to an edge on the network