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Table 1 Summary of the content of DBSecSys 2.0

From: DBSecSys 2.0: a database of Burkholderia mallei and Burkholderia pseudomallei secretion systems

Number of B. mallei
 Proteins 204
 Associated secretion systems 5
 Virulence factors 52
 Virulence attenuation experiments 82
 Inferred mechanisms of action 12
Number of B. pseudomallei
 Proteins 281
 Associated secretion systems 5
 Virulence factors 61
 Virulence attenuation experiments 98
 Inferred mechanisms of action 13
Number of host-pathogen protein-protein interactions
 Human-B. mallei (experimental) 569
 Murine-B. mallei (experimental) 788
 Human-B. mallei (computational) 608
 Murine-B. mallei (computational) 435
 Human-B. pseudomallei (experimental) 4
 Human-B. pseudomallei (computational) 1,117
 Murine-B. pseudomallei (computational) 1,165