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Table 3 Predicted HCEs

From: A method for identification of highly conserved elements and evolutionary analysis of superphylum Alveolata

HCE type (label) Count Description
protein 8 988 A protein according to the GenBank annotation
tRNA 26 A transfer RNA
tRNA-Sec 1 Selenocysteine transfer RNA
LSU_rRNA 15 Large subunit ribosomal RNA
SSU_rRNA 5 Small subunit ribosomal RNA
5_8S_rRNA 1 5.8S ribosomal RNA
U1 1 U1 spliceosomal RNA
U2 1 U2 spliceosomal RNA
ACEA_U3 1 ACEA small nucleolar RNA U3
U4 1 U4 spliceosomal RNA
U5 1 U5 spliceosomal RNA
U6 3 U6 spliceosomal RNA
Protozoa_SRP 1 Protozoan signal recognition particle RNA (aka 7SL, 6S, 4.5S)
RNaseP_nuc 2 Nuclear ribonuclease P (RNase P)
snoR07 1 Small nucleolar RNA snoR07
snoR10 1 Small nucleolar RNA snoR10
SNORD36 1 Small nucleolar RNA SNORD36
intron 163 Non-coding region of a gene
unknown UCE 706 Not gene nor RNA predicted
Total 9919