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Table 3 List of 10 significant singleton rules classifying fetus samples

From: Combinatorial identification of DNA methylation patterns over age in the human brain

IF cg01561916(HAAO_upstream) = unmethylated THEN’fetus’
IF cg11618577(KRTCAP3_exonic) = unmethylated THEN’fetus’
IF cg18669381(ARHGEF19_UTR5) = unmethylated THEN’fetus’
IF cg04716261(ACTRT2_upstream) = unmethylated THEN’fetus’
IF cg16302441(POMC_upstream) = unmethylated THEN’fetus’
IF cg12467090(PIK3C2B_intronic) = methylated THEN’fetus’
IF cg19740375(SCN5A_intronic) = unmethylated THEN’fetus’
IF cg24178740(FEV_upstream) = unmethylated THEN’fetus’
IF cg20289949(HAAO_exonic) = unmethylated THEN’fetus’
IF cg07830847(KCNA10_exonic) = methylated THEN’fetus’
  1. All of these rules are perfect rules with accuracy of 1 and support of 30 (all fetus samples)