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Table 1 Comparison of the gene order reconstruction of the primate-rodent ancestral X-chromosome using MGRA2, FPMAG and MULTIRES

From: Reconstructing ancestral gene orders with duplications guided by synteny level genome reconstruction

  Conserved MGRA2 FPMAG MultiRes
Genes 746 132 429 518.12 (19.81)
Adjacencies 749 130 350 468.31 (6.05)
Recovered - 42 350 468.31 (6.05)
Fragments N/A 1 79 53.16 (4.76)
  1. The row for total adjacencies indicates the number of adjacencies found in the reconstruction. The third row indicates the number of reconstructed adjacencies which are conserved in 2 or more descendant species. Note that FPMAG and MultiRes only recover conserved adjacencies. MGRA2 can also limit the number of CARs reconstructed and find a single CAR. The results for MultiRes are averaged over all parameter combinations. The low standard deviations demonstrate the robustness of the method to parameter choices