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Table 1 Relationships for selection and score calculation

From: Spectra library assisted de novo peptide sequencing for HCD and ETD spectra pairs

Relationship Ions selected Score calculation on
   spectrum S L k
(v +u +)−a i ±σθ v \(S^{aa}_{k}=\frac {N_{ion}^{real}}{N_{ion}^{select}}\)
and (t +v +)−a j ±σθ (middle ion)  
m p +2m H −(v ++u +σθ v and u if u,vS c \(S^{comp}_{k}=\frac {N_{comp}^{real}}{N_{comp}^{select}}\)
m p +3m H −(v ++u +σθ v and u if u,vS e