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Fig. 3

From: Homology modeling and molecular dynamics provide structural insights into tospovirus nucleoprotein

Fig. 3

Sequence alignment of representative tospoviruses Nucleoproteins (N). The secondary structure of Groundnut ringspot virus (GRSV) is shown above and of La crosse virus (LACV) is shown at the bottom. Key residues for GRSV N ssRNA binding are marked with yellow triangles. GRSV N- and C-arms are marked with blue and green boxes respectively, with key residues for oligomerization highlighted. Strictly conserved residues are highlighted in red with white letter and highly conserved residues with red letter. I: Tospovirus American clade I; II: Tospovirus American clade II; III: Tospovirus Eurasian clade; IV: Orthobunyavirus. The sequence codes are supplied at the Additional file 2: Table S1

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