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Table 4 The p-values in Student’s t-test for the differences in the MCC scores between each pair of predictors on the proteins of all ligands

From: Protein ligand-specific binding residue predictions by an ensemble classifier

Method TargetCom TargetSeq COACH COFACTOR TM-SITE
TargetSeq 8.17562E-32     
COACH 2.09639E-44 1.17438E-10    
COFACTOR 4.366E-117 4.27612E-34 5.84742E-79   
TM-SITE 2.62453E-79 2.29774E-06 6.07923E-42 2.70076E-15  
S-SITE 7.1097E-112 2.47659E-10 5.31899E-68 7.66908E-11 0.0924092