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Table 5 Enriched or depleted features in significantly regulated TFs

From: Feature-based classification of human transcription factors into hypothetical sub-classes related to regulatory function

Class Up    Down   
Term Obs/Exp P(Benj) Term Obs/Exp P(Benj)
Pioneers Ets 9/0 2.2e-07    
zf-H2C2_2 25/9 1.2e-05 zf-H2C2_2 69/18 1.0e-08
    KRAB 36/10 1.1e-08
    zf-H2C2_4 14/3 9.2e-05
Settlers HLH 20/1 2.5e-09 HLH 18/2 3.9e-09
    Ubiquitination 33/18 4.7e-04
    Sumoylation 11/5 4.6e-02
    PPI 5/11 4.9e-02
Migrants+ PPI 20/11 6.1e-03    
    Hormone_recep 19/1 6.6e-09
    zf-C2H2 33/8 7.3e-09
    zf-C4 19/1 9.7e-09
Migrants-     HMG_box 11/1 1.1e-05
    zf-H2C2_2 1/14 3.6e-04
    Homeobox 17/5 9.3e-04
    Methylation 16/8 4.2e-02
All Ubiquitination 74/49 5.4e-05 Ubiquitination 112/90 8.4e-03
bZIP_1 12/2 1.8e-04    
HLH 20/6 2.7e-04    
Ets 10/2 1.1e-03    
Sumoylation 27/15 5.1e-03    
PPI 50/37 1.8e-02    
Phosphorylation 144/136 4.9e-02 Phosphorylation 269/252 7.7e-04
    zf-H2C2_2 113/63 5.7e-08
    zf-C2H2 56/29 6.0e-05
    zf-C4 20/6 4.8e-05
    Hormone_recep 20/6 8.4e-05
    KRAB 58/34 8.9e-04
    zf-C2H2_4 24/10 2.5e-03
  1. Only features with at least 9 occurrences (as observed for enrichments or expected for depletions) are listed. Depleted features are highlighted in italics. The All category shows enrichment analysis of all significantly up- or down-regulated genes, independent of functional classification