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Table 5 Edit operations performed in the matrix generated from the normalized input

From: Introducing Explorer of Taxon Concepts with a case study on spider measurement matrix building

Edit type Characters affected Operation Edit effort
Merge 1. length of whole-organism [161], length of body$1 [1] Merge into length of whole-organism 1
2. length of carapace [147], size of carapace [4], length of prosoma$2 [37], length of ocular-area [1], length of thoracic-groove [2], length of cephalic-area [1] Merge into length of carapace 5
3. width of carapace [152], width of prosoma$3 [37], width of ocular-area [1], width of thoracic-groove [2], width of cephalic-area [1] Merge into width of carapace 4
4. length of abdomen [138], length of opisthosomum$4 [44] Merge into length of abdomen 1
5. width of abdomen [128], width of opisthosomum$5 [6] Merge into width of abdomen 1
6. location of spiracle [1], size of spiracle spinneret [2], distance of spinneret-spiracle [155] Merge into distance of spinneret-spiracle 2
7. distance of epigastric-furrow [1], distance of epigastrium-epigastrium$6 [1], distance of epigastrium-spiracle [158] Merge into distance of epigastrium-spiracle 2
8. length of leg-2 tibia [189], length of leg-2 [1], size_or_shape of leg-2 (split, tibia) [2] Merge into length of leg-2 tibia 2
9. length of leg-2 metatarsus [189], size_or_shape of leg-2 (split, metatarsus) [2] Merge into length of leg-2 metatarsus 1
10. length of leg-iii tibia [186], length of leg-ii [1]i, size_or_shape of leg-iii (split, tibia) [1] Merge into length of leg-iii tibia 2
11. length of leg-iii metatarsus [186], size_or_shape of leg-iii (split, metatarsus) [1] Merge into length of leg-iii metatarsus 1
12. length of leg-4 tibia [187], length of leg-4 [1], size_or_shape of leg-4 (split) [2] Merge into length of leg-4 tibia 2
13. length of leg-4 metatarsus [187], size_or_shape of leg-4 (split) [2] Merge into length of leg-4 metatarsus 1
Delete 14. length of leg [3] delete length of leg 1
15. size of abdomen [3] (values are non-numerical, e.g. tiny) delete size of abdomen 1
16. length of leg-iii tibia/metatarsu [1] delete length of leg-iii tibia/metatarsu 1
Total edits 28
  1. The numbers in “[]” indicate the number of values affected by an edit operation. The 18 characters in the gold standard were all included in the machine-generated matrix. The characters superscripted with “$N” are considered equivalent to a corresponding character in the gold standard, either by their semantic equivalence (i.e.. $1), or by the experts’ decisions (i.e., $2–$6)