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Table 5 Various CK-1δ residues involved in different kinds of interactions with CHC and DHC

From: Novel group-based QSAR and combinatorial design of CK-1δ inhibitors as neuroprotective agents

Complex Residues involved in hydrophobic interactions Residues involved in hydrogen bonding
CK-1δ-CHC Ile23, Met82, Leu84, Leu85, Gly86, Pro87, Asp91, Leu135, Ile148, Asp149 Lys38, Glu52, Tyr56
CK-1δ-DHC Gly21, Ile23, Ala36, Met82, Leu85, Gly86, Pro87, Phe95, Lys130, Asn133, Leu135, Ile148, Asp149 Lys38, Asp91