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Fig. 1

From: Bio-physically plausible visualization of highly scattering fluorescent neocortical models for in silico experimentation

Fig. 1

Light transport in a highly scattering volumetric extent. a The volume prior to illumination by the light source. b Single scattering interaction: the light ray is scattered once between the light source and the camera on a single path x 0 x 1 x 2. c Multiple scattering: the light ray bounces multiple times between several interaction events before reaching the camera on a single path x 0 x 1 x 2x n−1 x n . d The radiative transport equation evaluates the light propagating from the light source to the camera on multiple paths \(\overline {x}^{1}, \overline {x}^{2}, \ldots, \overline {x}^{n}\). The rays are shot from the camera towards the light source to sample the scattering events

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