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Table 3 The biological sense of dysfunction of biomarkers

From: Comparative network stratification analysis for identifying functional interpretable network biomarkers

Biomarkers Name P-values_Dis P-values_Diff R
positive regulation of cytokine-mediated signaling pathway 1.42E-09 1.36E-05 Y
positive regulation of response to cytokine stimulus 3.5E-03 9.79E-06 Y
lipid metabolic process 5.11E-04 4.34E-05 N
positive regulation of osteoclast differentiation 6.79E-04 1.95E-06 N
regulation of insulin secretion 9.95E-11 6.28E-10 Y
beta-amyloid clearance 5.71E-09 8.51E-05 N
regulation of gluconeogenesis 1.15E-08 6.5E-07 Y
establishment of T cell polarity 1.7E-08 1.9E-10 Y
epithelial cell differentiation 3.68E-08 2.4E-05 N
cellular lipid metabolic process 3.52E-08 3.25E-05 N