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Table 3 The running time (hour) and memory usage (Gb) for Pysim-sv simulations with different parameter settings

From: Pysim-sv: a package for simulating structural variation data with GC-biases

Simulation set up Time Memory
Genome Simulationa One subclone with 100 SVs 0.98 h 9.1 Gb
  One subclone with 200 SVs 1.34 h 9.9 Gb
  One subclone with 300 SVs 1.73 h 11.6 Gb
  Two subclones with 100 SVs 1.03 h 9.5 Gb
  Three subclones with 100 SVs 1.28 h 10.2 Gb
Read generationb Mixing reads from 2 subclones and 1 normal genome (392 M reads) 2.76 h 6.2 Gb
  GC-bias Introduction (130 M reads) 4.10 h 2.5 GB
  1. aTime and memory usage for simulating subclone genomes and a normal genome
  2. bTime and memory usage for read generation by ART are not shown