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Table 1 Characteristics of GD108 proteins and the corresponding number of host proteins targeted by motifs

From: Prediction of GCRV virus-host protein interactome based on structural motif-domain interactions

Genome segment Segment name Uniprot accession no. Genome length (bp) Protein length (aa) Number of PPI Predicted function
L1 VP1 E7DDK3 3,928 1,294 910 Guanylyl transferase/Capping Enzyme
L2 VP2 E7DDK4 3,867 1,273 949 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase
L3 VP3 E7DDK5 3,752 1,232 636 NTPase/helicase
M4 NS1 E7DDK6 2,263 716 910 Non-structural, possibly involved in the formation of viral inclusion body
M5 VP5 E7DDK7 2,230 726 765 Inner capsid protein
M6 VP4 E7DDL3 2,028 650 1083 Major outer capsid protein
S7 Sigma1-like protein E7DDK8 1,604 512 854 Minor capsid cell attachment protein, possibly
S8 Unknown E7DDK9 1,563 361 16 Major inner capsid protein
S9 VP6 E7DDL0 1,320 418 435 Non-structural, possibly invplved in the formation of viral inclusion bodies
S10 Sigma NS-like protein E7BY76 1,124 354 573 Non-structural, possibly
S11 Unknown E7DDL2 1,027 310 389 Non-structural protein
  1. The seventh column represents the number of host proteins whose domains were predicted to interact with motifs of the corresponding virus protein