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Table 1 Set of 36 phenotypes obtained from the listed siRNA experiments sorted by its CMPO identifier

From: How can functional annotations be derived from profiles of phenotypic annotations?

Experiment Description Phenotypes IDs in CMPO
CellMorph [3] Genome-wide RNAi screen that examines changes in the morphology of individual HeLa cells within cell populations. - Decreased cell number CMPO:0000052
   - Cell with projections CMPO:0000071
   - Elongated cell CMPO:0000077
   - More lamellipodia cells CMPO:0000083
   - Increased number of actin filament CMPO:0000105
   - Round cell CMPO:0000118
   - Increased cell size CMPO:0000128
   - Decreased cell size CMPO:0000129
   - Bright nuclei CMPO:0000154
   - Metaphase arrested CMPO:0000305
   - Increased cell size in population CMPO:0000340
MitoCheck [2] Genome-wide RNAi screen for genes required for chromosome segregation in HeLa cells. The screen also reports genes involved in other processes such as cell movement. - Cell death CMPO:0000030
   - Increased nucleus size CMPO:0000140
   - Graped micronucleus CMPO:0000156
   - Abnormal nucleus shape CMPO:0000157
   - Mitosis delayed CMPO:0000202
   - Binuclear cell CMPO:0000213
   - Absence of mitotic chromosome decondensation CMPO:0000216
   - Increased cell movement speed CMPO:0000236
   - Increased cell movement distance CMPO:0000237
   - Proliferating cells CMPO:0000241
   - Metaphase delayed CMPO:0000307
   - Abnormal chromosome segregation CMPO:0000326
   - Prometaphase delayed CMPO:0000344
   - Increased variability of nuclear shape in population CMPO:0000345
   - Mitotic metaphase plate congression CMPO:0000348
EMBL secretion [4] Genome-wide RNAi screen for interference with ER-to-plasma membrane transport of the secretory cargo protein tsO45G in HeLa cells. - Increased rate of protein secretion CMPO:0000246
   - Mild decrease in rate of protein secretion CMPO:0000318
   - Strong decrease in rate of protein secretion CMPO:0000319
   - Decreased rate of intracellular protein transport CMPO:0000346
GR00053 [10] Genome-wide RNAi screen for genes involved in DNA damage responses in HeLa cells. - Increased number of site of double-strand break CMPO:0000182
GR00290 [9] Genome-wide RNAi screen for genes regulating centriole formation in HeLa cells. - Increased centriole replication CMPO:0000361
   - Decreased centriole replication CMPO:0000362
Copenhagen DNA damage Ubiquitin [8] RNAi screen of >1300 genes involved in the ubiquitin-proteasome system or encoding zinc-finger proteins looking for modulators of cellular responses to ionizing radiation in HeLa and U2OS cells. - Decreased number of site of double-strand break CMPO:0000181
EMBL chromosome condensation [7] RNAi screen of 100 bioinformatically-selected genes for changes in mitotic prophase duration in HeLa cells. - Increased duration of mitotic prophase CMPO:0000328
   - Decreased duration of mitotic prophase CMPO:0000329