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Table 3 Functional annotation term clusters related with the proteins of the normal thalamus lateral nuclei tissue network inducing the graphlet in Fig. 5

From: Comparison of tissue/disease specific integrated networks using directed graphlet signatures

Annotation Cluster 1 Enrichment Score: 20.21   
Category Term Count P-value
D GOTERM_BP_FAT fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling pathway 13 2.3E-25
EGG_PATHWAY hsa04010:MAPK signaling pathway 13 4.8E-12
Annotation Cluster 2 Enrichment Score: 11.04   
Category Term Count P-value
KEGG_PATHWAY hsa05218:Melanoma 10 5.3E-13
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS growth factor 10 1.9E-12
GOTERM_MF_FAT growth factor activity 10 1.2E-10
Annotation Cluster 3 Enrichment Score: 9.97   
Category Term Count P-value
PIR_SUPERFAMILY PIRSF001783:fibroblast growth factor 7 6.9E-14
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS mitogen 7 8.7E-11
GOTERM_BP_FAT positive regulation of cell division 7 4.0E-10
GOTERM_BP_FAT regulation of cell division 7 1.3E-9