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Table 2 Groups’ internal similarity by multiple criteria

From: Network-based analysis of transcriptional profiles from chemical perturbations experiments

Group Function Significance of interacting proteins Significance of common side effects
G1 Solvents 6.61E-33 * NA
G2 Antifungals 4.45E-19 * 8.47E-11
G3 Statins 1.69E-33 * 1.29E-145 *
G4 Estrogens NA NA
G5 Fibrates 1.02E-56 * 6.60E-20
G6 Steroids 1.56E-06 * NA
G7 n.c. (estrogens, antifungals) 0.0002 1.77E-05
G8 Anti-Cancer 1.69E-06 * 7.91E-16
G9 Chemoterapeutics 9.79E-05 1.78E-32 *
G10 Alkylating, Cancer 0.0001 2.79E-07
G11 n.c (anti-cancer, estrogens) 0.0012 4.80E-15
G12 Anti-Inflamm/ Fungal 1.28E-18 * 2.91E-18
G13 Antiseptics, Estrogens 0.0004 NA
  1. NA = no annotations were found in CTD or in SIDER. * = lower p-value cannot be obtained by chance (permutations)