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Table 4 Results of simulation studies for one-dimensional discrete-time model (5,000 individuals, 100 replications), estimated mean, standard deviation, lower and upper boundaries of empirical confidence interval (95th percentile) of estimated coefficients

From: stpm: an R package for stochastic process model

Parameter True Est.mean SD LW UP
a -5.0000e-02 -5.0051e-02 1.1178e-03 -5.1884e-02 -4.8210e-02
f1 8.0000e+01 7.9966e+01 2.7216e-01 7.9619e+01 8.0390e+01
Q 1.0000e-06 1.0200e-06 8.4057e-08 8.8716e-07 1.1781e-06
f 8.0000e+01 7.9996e+01 9.4074e-02 7.9855e+01 8.0152e+01
b 5.0000e+00 4.9997e+00 1.0189e-02 4.9827e+00 5.0151e+00
mu0 1.0000e-05 1.0131e-05 1.5194e-06 8.3345e-06 1.2294e-05
theta 1.0000e-01 9.9750e-02 1.4026e-03 9.7000e-02 1.0200e-01