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Table 5 Results of simulation studies for two-dimensional discrete-time model (5,000 individuals, 100 replications), estimated mean, standard deviation, lower and upper boundaries of empirical confidence interval (95th percentile) of estimated coefficients

From: stpm: an R package for stochastic process model

Parameter True Est.mean SD LW UP
a11 -5.0000e-02 -4.9908e-02 8.4712e-04 -5.0074e-02 -4.9742e-02
a12 1.0000e-03 9.3123e-04 4.2772e-04 8.4740e-04 1.0151e-03
a21 1.0000e-03 1.1607e-03 2.2296e-03 7.2369e-04 1.5977e-03
a22 -5.0000e-02 -5.0140e-02 9.9902e-04 -5.0336e-02 -4.9945e-02
f1 1 1.0000e+02 1.0071e+02 9.0962e+00 9.8931e+01 1.0250e+02
f1 2 2.0000e+02 1.9951e+02 4.4247e+00 1.9864e+02 2.0038e+02
Q11 1.0000e-06 1.0207e-06 1.2101e-07 9.9703e-07 1.0445e-06
Q12 1.0000e-07 1.0382e-07 3.7846e-08 9.6407e-08 1.1124e-07
Q21 1.0000e-07 1.0382e-07 3.7846e-08 9.6407e-08 1.1124e-07
Q22 1.0000e-06 1.0121e-06 7.8420e-08 9.9672e-07 1.0275e-06
f 1 1.0000e+02 1.0005e+02 3.6333e-01 9.9974e+01 1.0012e+02
f 2 2.0000e+02 2.0000e+02 1.8756e-01 1.9997e+02 2.0004e+02
b 1 2.0000e+00 2.0007e+00 3.7442e-03 2.0000e+00 2.0014e+00
b 2 5.0000e+00 4.9989e+00 8.4494e-03 4.9972e+00 5.0005e+00
mu0 1.0000e-04 1.0034e-04 8.5791e-06 9.8661e-05 1.0202e-04
theta 8.0000e-02 7.9900e-02 1.1237e-03 7.9680e-02 8.0120e-02