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Table 1 Simulation setup summary

From: Model based heritability scores for high-throughput sequencing data

Simulation (ϕ,α) or (p,ϕ,α) σ 2 (G,S,R s )
I. Parameter effects Constant for all features Random samples from Unif\((0, \sigma ^{2}_{\max })\), where \(\sigma ^{2}_{\max }\) = 1 or 5 (1000, 50, 6)
II. Exhaustive combo of parameters Ind. combo of parameters for every feature Random samples from Unif (0,5) (1000, 50, 3)
III. Observed combo of parameters Estimated from the LXS miRNA dataset (881, 59, 2 or 3)
IV. Size & power Estimated from the LXS miRNA dataset 0,0.1,0.25,0.5,0.75 or 1 (1000, 50, 3)
V. Confidence intervals Specifically chosen to generate heritability scores 0.2, 0.5 and 0.8 (500, 50, 3)
  1. The parameters (ϕ,α) and (p,ϕ,α) are for NB-sim and CP-sim, respectively; σ 2 denotes the random effect variance in either model. The last column shows the number of features (G), strains (S), and biological replicates (R S ) in each simulation. Under each scenario, we simulated data using both NB-sim and CP-sim models. Simulation II and III include 10 replicated synthetic datasets for each case