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Table 4 Top heritable miRNA based on the LXS dataset

From: Model based heritability scores for high-throughput sequencing data

miRNA VPC (NB) p-value VPC (CP) p-value
novel:chr10_26214 0.959 2.2e–39 0.978 9.6e–38
mmu-miR-5621-5p 0.947 1.2e–27 0.955 1.1e–28
mmu-miR-466q 0.941 1.4e–22 0.982 1.5e–21
mmu-miR-9769-3p 0.914 8.5e–33 0.994 1.6e–33
novel:chr4_11381 0.898 2.6e–31 0.996 8.8e–28
novel:chr8_23508 0.867 1.8e–25 0.994 1.8e–27
mmu-miR-7057-5p 0.844 5.5e–27 0.979 5.3e–25
  1. The second and fourth columns are the VPC scores for the datasets processed and fit under NBMM (NB-proc & NB-fit) and processed and fit under CPMM (CP-proc & CP-fit), respectively. The corresponding p-values for testing the presence of heritability are listed in the adjacent columns. The features are sorted by their heritability estimates using the NB-fit method