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Table 1 Tools and databases integrated and implemented in VacSol

From: VacSol: a high throughput in silico pipeline to predict potential therapeutic targets in prokaryotic pathogens using subtractive reverse vaccinology

Name Function Source(S)
BLAST+2.2.25-7 New command line sequence alignment application developed using the NCBI C++ toolkit. [38]
Pftools2.3 Package of programs that support the search method of generalized profile formatting. [39]
PSORTb3.0 Protein subcellular localization prediction tool. [17]
HMMTOP 2.0 Transmembrane topology prediction tool. [32]
DEG 10.0 Database of essential genes. [28]
VFDB Virulence factors database. [31]
ABCPred B-Cell epitope prediction tool. [40]
Propred-I Prediction of promiscuous major histocompatibility complex (MHC) Class-I binding sites. [41]
Propred Prediction of MHC Class-II binding regions in an antigen sequence. [42]
UniProt-SwissProt Manually annotated protein sequences database with information extracted from literature. [23, 33]