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Table 1 Properties of the OSGaBi family

From: Two-way learning with one-way supervision for gene expression data

Model nomenclature    Covariance structure (Σ g ) Covariance parameters
Λ g =Λ Ψ g =Ψ Ψ g =ψ g I p   
C C C Λ Λ +ψ I p 1
C C U Λ Λ +Ψ p
C U C Λ Λ +ψ g I p G
C U U Λ Λ +Ψ g Gp
U C C Λ g Λ g′+ψ I p 1
U C U Λ g Λ g′+Ψ p
U U C Λ g Λ g′+ψ g I p G
U U U Λ g Λ g′+Ψ g Gp
  1. The nomenclature, covariance structure, and number of covariance parameters for each member of the OSGaBi family. C, constrained; U, unconstrained