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Table 3 The effect of sample source bias on dataset GSE19728

From: Avoiding the pitfalls of gene set enrichment analysis with SetRank

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1 regulation of synaptic transmission (GO:0050804) neurotransmitter transport (GO:0006836) regulation of synaptic plasticity (GO:0048167)
2 neuron-neuron synaptic transmission (GO:0007270) regulation of exocytosis (GO:0017157) pallium development (GO:0021543)
3 regulation of Rho protein signal transduction (GO:0035023) regulation of transporter activity (GO:0032409) telencephalon development (GO:0021537)
4 establishment of vesicle localization (GO:0051650) membrane depolarization (GO:0051899) positive regulation of cell development (GO:0010720)
5 synaptic vesicle transport (GO:0048489) regulation of ion transmembrane transporter activity (GO:0032412) membrane depolarization (GO:0051899)
6 positive regulation of cell development (GO:0010720) positive regulation of cell development (GO:0010720) establishment of organelle localization (GO:0051656)
7 regulation of postsynaptic membrane potential (GO:0060078) establishment of vesicle localization (GO:0051650) regulation of Rho GTPase activity (GO:0032319)
8 regulation of Rho GTPase activity (GO:0032319) positive regulation of cell projection organization (GO:0031346) synapse organization (GO:0050808)
9 regulation of neuron apoptotic process (GO:0043523) peptidyl-serine phosphorylation (GO:0018105) vesicle localization (GO:0051648)
10 membrane depolarization (GO:0051899) regulation of peptide secretion (GO:0002791) establishment of vesicle localization (GO:0051650)
  1. Brain-specific GO terms are marked in italic.