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Table 1 Gene Ontology (GO) term and KEGG pathway of the shared genes of each category modules

From: Preservation affinity in consensus modules among stages of HIV-1 progression

Category pair GO-Term (GO ID) (p-Value) KEGG Pathway (p-Value)
Category-1–category-2 Translational initiation (GO:0006413) (p-value: 7.5E-19) Ribosome (3.1E-7)
Category-1–category-3 Viral process (GO:0016032) (p-value: 8.0E-33) HTLV-I infection (8.8E-12)
Category-2–category-3 Viral transcription(GO:0019083)(p-value: 2.4E-14) Phagosome (4.7E-5)