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Table 2 Overview of publicly available studies with the number of mice used for the study

From: AHCODA-DB: a data repository with web-based mining tools for the analysis of automated high-content mouse phenomics data

Studies publicly available
Study name/publication # of mice
129S1/SvImJ reference 62
5xFAD reference 34
A/J reference 52
AppPs1 reference 63
BALB/cJ reference 47
C3H/HeJ reference 29
C57BL/6 J reference 111
CAST/EiJ reference 17
Cognitive flexibility deficits in a mouse model for the absence of full-length dystrophin. 72
DBA/2 J reference 44
Diazepam sedation reference 96
Enhanced alcohol self-administration and reinstatement in a highly impulsive, inattentive recombinant inbred mouse strain. 9
Epileptiform Activity and Cognitive Deficits in SNAP-25 Heterozygous Mice are Normalized by Antiepileptic Drugs. 24
Functional characterization of the PCLO p.Ser4814Ala variant associated with major depressive disorder. 32
FVB/NJ reference 54
Genetic mapping in mice reveals the involvement of Pcdh9 in long-term social and object recognition, and sensorimotor development. 35
GSK189254 208
Hyperactivity, perseveration and increased responding during attentional rule acquisition in the Fragile X mouse model. 54
MK-801 reference 72
MPTP reference 51
Neuregulin-3 in the Mouse Medial Prefrontal Cortex Regulates Impulsive Action. 40
NOD/LtJ reference 47
PCP reference 96
PWK/PhJ reference 16
SOD1 reference 146
Tomosyn-2 is required for normal motor performance in mice and sustains neurotransmission at motor endplates. 38
WSB/EiJ reference 14