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Table 1 The accuracy of AD-LIBS ancestry inferences using simulated genomes

From: AD-LIBS: inferring ancestry across hybrid genomes using low-coverage sequence data

Model Ancestry state Prop. calls correct Prop. truth detected
Migration AA 0.8858 0.9310
Migration AB 0.8447 0.9633
Migration BB 0.9762 0.8459
Migration Average 0.9022 0.9134
Migration Overall accuracy 0.9069
Single-pulse AA 0.8933 0.9245
Single-pulse AB 0.8170 0.9513
Single-pulse BB 0.9501 0.7134
Single-pulse Average 0.8868 0.8631
Single-pulse Overall accuracy 0.8694
  1. Two demographic models representative of the ABC Islands bears’ history were used: one in which a single admixture event between polar and brown bears takes place 12,000 years ago, followed by isolation of the hybrid population (Single-pulse model), and one in which admixture takes place at the same time but is followed by continuous brown bear migration from the mainland (Migration model). Overall accuracy is the percent of all bases for which true ancestry matched AD-LIBS-inferred ancestry. Since this number is weighted toward more common ancestry states, the average across all three ancestry states is also given