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Table 2 TFs showing significant changes in concentration between wild-type and knock-out mice

From: TIGERi: modeling and visualizing the responses to perturbation of a transcription factor network

Trans name TF group Cis name Level GO analy-sis Known biological functions Ref.
AREB6 1.Dev ZEB1 Down - p38 → IFNγ → ZEB1 → Immune [58]
PITX2 1.Dev PITX2 Down Apo p38 → PITX2 → Development
→ Apoptosis
[63, 64]
STAT1 6. Lat STAT1 Down - STAT1 → Development
→ Immune
[57, 69]
SOX9 7. Unk SOX9 Down Apo, Dev p38 → SOX9 → Apoptosis [59,60,61,62]
  1. TFs changing their concentration levels significantly between wild-type and knock-out mice. “Level”, the changes of TF concentration level in the absence of p38α. Other column headings and abbreviations are the same as those in Table 1
  2. The boldface ones are the main node in Fig. 5