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Table 1 Representatives of families matching HMMs of well-characterized lipolytic proteins

From: In silico approach to designing rational metagenomic libraries for functional studies

Family/Representative Members with complete sequence Associated HMM from PFAM Well-characterized enzymes from UniProt with accession number
FUMEFAM011958/GOS54 383 Alpha/beta hydrolase fold PF07859 Acetyl esterase EcE Escherichia coli P23872
FUMEFAM010194/GOS55 376 GDSL-like Lipase/Acylhydrolase family PF13472 Arylesterase Streptomyces coelicolor Q9S2A5, Lipase Streptomyces rimosus Q93MW7
FUMEFAM018084/GOS88 22 Alpha/beta hydrolase fold PF00561 Pimeloyl-[acyl-carrier protein] methyl ester esterase P13001
FUMEFAM012527/GOS89 7 PB011927 Thermostable organic solvent tolerant lipase Bacillus sp. Q5U780 (EC
  1. Reviewed amino acid sequences with the maximal annotation score of 5 and bacterial origin were downloaded from UniProt [27]. Based on matching HMMs from Pfam (Release 27.0) we determined the 4 protein families with the highest homology to the well-characterized proteins from UniProt