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Table 3 Selected conditional attributes of PTC (Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma) dataset

From: Learning rule sets from survival data

Name Description
BRAFV600ERAFClass Flag indicating if tumor is driven by BRAF or RAS genes
BRAFV600E_RAS_score Continuous score from (−1,1) interval describing to what extent a tumor expression profile resembles BRAF- or RAS-mutant profiles
mRNA_cluster_number Number of mRNA expression cluster (1–5)
miRNA_cluster_number Number of microRNA expression cluster (1–6)
RPPA_cluster_number Number of protein expression cluster (1–4)
meth_cluster DNA methylation pattern (one of four)
Arm_SCNA_cluster Chromosomal arm-level copy number alterations pattern (one of four)
nmut_APOBEC Mutation density (mutations/Mb) associated with APOBEC cytidine deaminases
nmut_CpGT Mutation density (mutations/Mb) of CpG islands
person_gender Gender
race_category Race (Black/White/Asian/American Indian)
ethnicity_category Ethnicity (Hispanic/Non-Hispanic)