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Table 2 A comparison of multichannel processing and visualization features in popular tools

From: FluoRender: joint freehand segmentation and visualization for many-channel fluorescence data analysis

  Amira Imaris Vaa3D Volocity FluoRender
Open Source (Free) No No Yes No Yes
Number (Tested)
RGBA 25 RGBA 16a 96b
Time to Load Datac 20 min 5 min (For 25 channels) 2 min (w/ Renaming)/10 min 1 min 1 min
Channel Adjustment Not interactive Interactive Not Interactive Not always interactive Interactive
Channel Intermixing Depth Depth Depth Depth Multiple
Floating-point/Tone Mapping No No No No Yes
Volume Selection/Extraction No No No No Yes
  1. aVolocity may have corrupted rendering results depending on the number of channels
  2. bThe test data set contains 96 channels. More can be supported by design
  3. cTime for an experienced user when manual work is required. An ordinary hard drive disk was used (4 TB/7200 RPM). Imaris was not able to load more than 25 channels. Therefore, the loading time was measured for 25 channels