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Table 1 Comparison of Intervene with currently available tools to draw Venn diagrams, UpSet plots and pairwise heatmaps

From: Intervene: a tool for intersection and visualization of multiple gene or genomic region sets

Application Venn plot types Upset plot Pairwise heat map Weighted venn Application type Input type No. Of inputs Output type
VennDiagramWeb [12] Classical Venn, Euler web app Lists 5 TIFF, SVG, PNG, R objects
VennPainter [14] Classical Venn, Edwards, Nested Venn Stand-alone Lists 8 SVG, text
Vennture [15] Edwards Stand-alone Lists 6 PowerPoint, Excel
BioVenn [11] Classical Venn web app Lists 3 SVG, PNG
jVenn [13] Classical Venn, Edwards web app Lists 6 PNG and SVG
InteractiVenn [16] Edwards web app Lists 6 SVG, PNG, text
UpSetR [3, 8] web app, R package Lists, binary, counts Multiple PDF, PNG
ChippeakAnno [5] Classical Venn R package Genomic regions 5 PDF, SVG, PNG
pybedtools [6] Classical Venn Matrix only command line Genomic regions 3 for Venn, multiple for pairwise PDF, SVG, PNG
Intervene Classical Venn, Euler, Edwards, Chow-Ruskey, Square, Battle command line, web app Genomic regions, lists, binary, counts 6 for Venn, multiple for upset and pairwise PDF, SVG, PNG, TIFF, R objects, text