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Fig. 4

From: Integration of quantitated expression estimates from polyA-selected and rRNA-depleted RNA-seq libraries

Fig. 4

Variance in TPM estimates introduced by the differential transcriptome sampling of polyA+ and ribo-minus methods can be corrected mathematically. The same data is shown as in Fig. 1, except that all ribo-minus TPM estimates were multiplied by the ratio of the median TPM across all polyA+ libraries to the median TPM across all ribo-minus libraries. Should the median TPM across all ribo-minus libraries be 0, this ratio was considered 0 also. Each point is a gene, coloured by type: black points represent protein-coding genes, pseudogenes and processed pseudogenes; blue points represent RNA genes. The line y = x is shown in red. Pearson’s r = 0.998, p < 2.2 × 10−16

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