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Table 2 Selected species and datasets (Cases)

From: An improved filtering algorithm for big read datasets and its application to single-cell assembly

Short name Species/Description Source URL
ASZN2 Candidatus Poribacteria sp. WGA-4E_FD Hentschel Group [27] [28]
Aceto Acetothermia bacterium JGI MDM2 LHC4sed-1-H19 JGI Genome Portal [29]
Alphaproteo Alphaproteobacteria bacterium SCGC AC-312_D23v2 JGI Genome Portal [30]
Arco Arcobacter sp. SCGC AAA036-D18 JGI Genome Portal [31]
Arma Armatimonadetes bacterium JGI 0000077-K19 JGI Genome Portal [32]
Bacteroides Bacteroidetes bacVI JGI MCM14ME016 JGI Genome Portal [33]
Caldi Calescamantes bacterium JGI MDM2 SSWTFF-3-M19 JGI Genome Portal [34]
Caulo Caulobacter bacterium JGI SC39-H11 JGI Genome Portal [35]
Chloroflexi Chloroflexi bacterium SCGC AAA257-O03 JGI Genome Portal [36]
Crenarch Crenarchaeota archaeon SCGC AAA261-F05 JGI Genome Portal [37]
Cyanobact Cyanobacteria bacterium SCGC JGI 014-E08 JGI Genome Portal [38]
E.coli E.coli K-12, strain MG1655, single cell MDA, Cell one UC San Diego [39]
SAR324 SAR324 (Deltaproteobacteria) UC San Diego [39]