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Table 1 Hyper-parameters used in different datasets

From: A deep convolutional neural network approach to single-particle recognition in cryo-electron microscopy

Dataset Particle size Corresponding layer in DeepEM
C1 S2 C3 S4 C5 S6
KLH 272 × 272 6@222X222 6@74X74 12@54X54 12@27X27 12@18X18 12@9X9
19S 160 × 160 6@141X141 6@47X47 12@38X38 12@19X19 12@16X16 12@8X8
26S 150 × 150 6@120X120 6@60X60 12@46X46 12@23X23 12@14X14 12@7X7
Inflammasome 112 × 112 6@98X98 6@49X49 12@40X40 12@20X20 12@14X14 12@7X7