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Table 2 Observed False Negatives for top 5 phyla indexing (as done in Meta-Storms) in the presented database, i.e., the number of sample pairs below a specified threshold though with differing top 5 phyla indices; listed in dependence of various UniFrac thresholds

From: Visibiome: an efficient microbiome search engine based on a scalable, distributed architecture

Weighted UniFrac Total pairs Pairs with Percentage
threshold below threshold different keys  
0.05 28,247 351 1.24
0.10 96,977 1,402 1.45
0.20 846,107 14,993 1.77
0.30 4,847,874 91,902 1.90
  1. Note that this type of error is avoided in our work by the use of GNAT data structures (Analysis Type I)