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Table 3 List of publicly available T. castaneum small RNA datasets representing different developmental stages

From: Evaluation of high-throughput isomiR identification tools: illuminating the early isomiRome of Tribolium castaneum

ID Sample Transcription
GSM1556886 Oocyte small RNA replicate 1 Maternal
GSM1556887 Oocyte small RNA replicate 2 Maternal
GSM1556888 Embryo small RNA 0–5 h replicate 1 Maternal
GSM1556889 Embryo small RNA 0–5 h replicate 2 Maternal
GSM1556890 Embryo small RNA 8–16 h Zygotic
GSM1556891 Embryo small RNA 16–20 h Zygotic
GSM1556892 Embryo small RNA 20–24 h Zygotic
GSM1556893 Embryo small RNA 24–34 h Zygotic
GSM1556894 Embryo small RNA 34–48 h Zygotic
GSM1556895 Embryo small RNA 48–144 h Zygotic
  1. After ~5 h, the maternal transcription phase ends and zygotic transcription commences [15]