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Table 1 Summary of the datasets used

From: Local sequence and sequencing depth dependent accuracy of RNA-seq reads

ENCODE ERCC GSM758567 GSM758572 GSM758573 GSM758577 GSM765389 GSM765391 GSM765396 GSM765398 GSM767845 GSM767847 GSM767851 GSM767854 GSM767855 GSM767856
MAQC Brain UHR library A UHR library B UHR library C UHR Library D
SRR037455 SRR037466 SRR037470 SRR037473 SRR037479
SRR037456 SRR037467 SRR037471 SRR037474
SRR037457 SRR037468 SRR037472 SRR037475
SRR037458 SRR037469 SRR037476
  1. Training datasets were underlined