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Table 1 Comparison of C-State with popular genome browsers

From: C-State: an interactive web app for simultaneous multi-gene visualization and comparative epigenetic pattern search

C-State Feature UCSC IGV WashU JBrowse CHROMATRA CisGenome Epiviz visPIG
Simultaneous display of multiple user-specified loci
Multiple features tracks
Concomitant display of gene expression data
Comparison of user-generated and published datasets
Versatile filters to allow selection of user defined patterns
Interactive plotting e
Modular and Extensible
OS agnostic (works on multiple platforms) NA c
Programming knowledge not required
Prior dependencies not required NA a NA
Runs locally b d
Open source license
  1. Key features of C-State checked for availability in other genome browsers and visualization tools
  2. : Feature available; ❌: feature unavailable, NA not applicable
  3. a Needs Java Run Time, which may not be preinstalled on some systems
  4. bIf using the JBrowse Desktop version
  5. cRuns as a plugin for Galaxy Portal
  6. dIf Galaxy is installed as a local instance
  7. e Plotting feature could not be tested on our data