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Table 1 HIVE-CUT database size and statistics

From: A new and updated resource for codon usage tables

Measure GenBank RefSeq Total
Number of tables 781,595 73,817 855,412
Number of species 665,044 37,904 689,420
Genomic tables 353,423 73,553 426,976
Mitochondrial tables 316,820 220 317,040
All plastid tables 111,352 44 111,396
Total number of sequences 34,885,329 253,803,831 288,689,160
  1. This table contains statistics on the data in the database. While the GenBank division contains a much larger number of tables, the number of sequences in each table on average is much higher in RefSeq. The structure of RefSeq assemblies makes them a better representation of genomic codon usage for an organism when available. The HIVE-CUTs database contains substantially more entries than other codon usage databases